The Future of Social Networking – A Personal View

What’s great about the Web is that it opens an array of opportunities for learning new things and gaining jobs and profits. Lots of tasks could be achieved without needing staying in front of the pc and heading from the house. All that one need is a connection to the internet and they are ready to work and earn their living. Those of you, who are reading this article, odds are, you already know about social networks applications like Kik. What you may not know is how a person may earn off living his living from Kik Messenger in only a few months. Step one to having a Kik account is to create your updates intriguing.

They don’t always have to be researched and formal, just make sure you keep a chain of thoughts. Among the manners by which you may ascertain whether your Kik accounts is stimulating is by the amount of people and posts. Registering for an account is free, so you don’t need to worry about investing any membership charges on the application. Placing links which will lead to the money making product can increase sales, particularly if have plenty of friends there who like the product and are interested in it. Another way is link exchange. As the name suggests, it is possible to exchange links with an internet website so which you promote their Product, and theirs have vulnerability also.

Constant post updates will also increase the power to earn from Kik. If you are not sure whether you’re in a position to place a status update on the subsequent day, you might always rely on 3rd party software like gourmettodaycookbook who can post updates and can also track kik friends. These are scheduled updates that you may use in order that your followers may get updates even when you are out of town or traveling abroad. You may also inform your network of followers about an upcoming sale and upgrades on a newly developed product. Some may even rush to the product place be it a website or a shop after reading updates. People can always promote other products of different categories.

This is one major use of social networking which is seen on daily basis. Bigger IM like Facebook use ads to lead to their advertisers’ product page. The future of social media is like this only. One day people will be able to book a cab through it. Networks like Kik already have automatic bots which can chat with people about their favorite food and cuisine and then can recommend them some good fancy restaurants based on their interests in the chat conversation. These bots are hired by advertisement companies who which to promote their products to their desired customers based on device, city, gender and age.