Preparing to Play a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Learning how to play a Tibetan singing bowl is not very difficult. It is actually quite simple and I am sure you can be making sweet serene music with yours in a matter of a few minutes. First choose a place to play your bowl. Starting out, and often when you are playing just for yourself, you will want to choose an isolated place where you wont be disturbed and you can be calm and relax with your singing bowl. There may be a comfortable room in your house or a nice shady spot in the woods under a tree.

Once you have chosen a place you need to determine whether you will hold the bowl or set it down. The determining factor here really is the size of the singing bowl. For large bowls, it is recommended that you set the bowl down on something that will prevent friction such as a towel or cloth. I have tried to use a pillow for this without much luck as it makes the bowl a little wobbly although it may work just fine given the correct pillow. Small bowls can and most likely should be held in the palm of your hand. Donโ€™t hold the singing bowl as if it were a large warm welcoming cup of tea on a cool morning. You want to keep your hand flat with bowl on your palm or on the tips of your fingers in the case of a very small bowl.

Playing the Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are a type of bell. They are what is referred to as a standing bell. This just means that they are bells without the handle that sit on something the other side up rather than hanging with and integrated striker. Just like any other bell you can produce sound with them by tapping the rim with the striker. The key here is tapping lightly on the rim to avoid the singing bell producing a dissonant sound. Avoid striking the side of the bowl as this will not produce a full vibration. Also, when playing your bowl with the striking method, it is preferable to use a padded striker.

The other way to play your singing bowl is buy singing it. This is done by slowly rubbing the wooden striker around the rim of the bowl. You can even play the singing bowl on your mobile phone if you have. Install my singing monsters on your mobile and play the singing bowl. You will need to make sure the mobile also has my singing monsters hack installed for a pleasant singing from amarrazali. You cannot use a padded striker for this method. Around and around, slowly and patiently, the bowl will soon begin to sing. If the bowl begins to make a rattling sound you are going to fast. You need to apply constant even pressure slowly around the rim. This is similar to what happened when you rub your dampened finger around a wine glass although the sound of a singing bowl singing is much richer and less harsh in my opinion.

Each bowl is unique and you will need to get the feel for each one. This a good thing though as each singing bowl has its own personality, its own tone. Some will sing quicker and some will take longer. Some taken more pressure and some less so.Try different angles and grips. I prefer to hold the striker like a mixing spoon, but many hold it like a pencil. Experiment with your Tibetan singing bowl and it will speak to you. Some might even say it will sing to you ๐Ÿ™‚ As always, I would love to hear from you. Let me know how you are doing with your singing bowl or what you would like to see here in another post.